Crisis for mentally ill

Sunday 07 October 2012

About 6,000 mentally ill people could soon be forced out of adult homes where they’ve lived for decades — putting them and the community at risk, under a rule change proposed by Gov. Cuomo. Adult homes are “not conducive to the recovery or rehabilitation of residents,” according to the...

Henny AbelsHenny Abels: Cuomo can kick out that cooking chick he lives with and offer room to a resident in an adult home. Let's see him show his committment to NY.

Ann Marie Hake HughesAnn Marie Hake Hughes: 200 beds isn't an adult home, it's a warehouse.

Edgar LeonEdgar Leon: Anne to you it's more like a standing army, remember Iowa has a population of only 3 million, to us thats like Brooklyn. 200 hundred beds is just about right.

Connie Johnson WatermanConnie Johnson Waterman: I would imagine prisoners get better care/food/lodgings/programs/education/Help/physical exercise than these mentally ill. Remember not ALL of them are dangerous! These are the people God speaks of that seem to come LAST in our society.

Connie Johnson WatermanConnie Johnson Waterman: Well maybe babies in the womb come last in our society in some people's minds. God Help Us All.

Antoinette Antonella FiorentinoAntoinette Antonella Fiorentino: Shut up fool

Jerome LevenbergJerome Levenberg: A warehouse stocked with thorazene and zombies.

Antoinette Antonella FiorentinoAntoinette Antonella Fiorentino: Jerome Levenberg they are not zombies you fool. They are actually functioning individuals thanks to adult homes. come visit me and then talk about what you know instead of what you don't know right now. You have the wrong perception here. Adult homes are not hospitals or institutions, they are merely residential facilities with the support this population needs.

Kathleen TandyKathleen Tandy: This is a recipe for disaster. Watch.

Alexandra MaruriAlexandra Maruri: Cuomo sides with paying the tuition and fees for illegal immigrants and releases criminals but gives the boot to the mentally ill... Amazing !!!

Scott P JoyceScott P Joyce: Well here it comes folks: The start of "PROGRAM SLASH AND BURN", I would prefer thay start with the methodone clinics but whatever, No matter what happens, the powers that be, will be sure to cut ALL programs that benefit people that have been tax payers and have "PAID INTO THE SYSTEM " all of their adult lives, first, becuse thay are the the least likely to "RIOT" in the streets. I hope I'm around to see what happens when the Government gets around to cutting Public housing, Food stamps and WELFARE.......

Scott P JoyceScott P Joyce: You paid in- You should get back

Shari RobeckShari Robeck: when will cuomo, bloomberg, and seth diamond thier DHS buddy realiz e that the mentally ill folks are helpless just throw him on the strett.STOP housing freigners in homeless shelters and find a way for AMERICAN parents that have worked hard in the US for afforadble housing and stop this madness.YOU you have thousand s of foreigners living in shelters with babaies born here and the parents aren't even legal to work here but they take all the benefitd.Mentally ill are lucky if some have one relative to visit the.Occupy for wall street how about OCCUPY FPR MENTALLY ILL AND HOMELESS no body wants to speak up. one day.

Steve LongSteve Long: Word of Warning, Bobby Jindal= Republican Governor of Louisiana started at our DHH, now he has cut public health budget 3 times this year ( and other years ) , closing mental health facilities with no plans for inmates that don't have private insurance and fires anyone who disagrees with him. Some public hospitals will not have enough beds left open for the residents to finish their internships. It looks as if they will have to go to another state to finish up their residency. Looking at his Bio on internet says he has held only government jobs since he graduated college in 94. Means his pension and insurance are paid for, the only ones who need to worry are the ones that work without insurance to pay his salary and benefits. I actually voted for him first time around, sounded great, but results are poor. So it isn't just NY that has them, the "could care less unless you have money " are popping up everywhere.

Martin HastingsMartin Hastings: The AMA put psycotropic drugs to work in order to eliminate mental institutions. with Coumo's goal in mind.And that was over 40 years ago! The intergration of the mentaly challenged into neighborhoods. It didn't work then , and it will not work now. Open Pilgrim state and the like with modern renovations. These poor unfortunate people need care. Proper care. Adult homes are not the proper care they need.

Teresa BurnsTeresa Burns: Millions for control freaks to force their will on the public, not one dime for people who are in dire need to be Cared for. What’s next on the Liberal AGENDA TO HAVE CHAOS ON THE STREETS OF Cumos Utopia?

Les RedmonLes Redmon: This is a catrastrophe looking for a place to happen. There was nothing wrong with having them cared for in modern institutions as had been dome for many decades. Group homes was a major mistake and now the solution is to put them on their own? Take the funds from the illegal aliens and provide it for the CITIZENS. NY is run by the mentally unstable.

Paul SingerPaul Singer: If it's functioning;LEAVE IT ALONE; Koch emptied the SRO hotels for his real estate buddies and the mentally ill roamed the streets of Manhattan and the subways; show some compassion Governor Cuomo!

Natural NaturalNatural Natural: He visits his brother ONCE a month? Let him stay with his family. If they get no effective treatment why should taxpayers pay for the patient?

John MazzellaJohn Mazzella: These humans cannot take of themselves. They cannot fend for themselves; they have no guile. They are helpless as a 5 year old crossing Queens Boulevard. They ain't heavy; they're our brothers and sisters. Where is our lousy MAYOR?

Norman WalterNorman Walter: They should all go to Cuomo's house.

Antoinette Antonella FiorentinoAntoinette Antonella Fiorentino: Yes exactly, let him take one home for a week. He has been doped by the advocates to believe their lies. Has he even ever met a psychotic person, no...just the advocates.

Randy BrownRandy Brown: OKAY: this is terrible. But how do you want the state to deal with it? A) Throw these poor people out on the street where SOME will wreak havoc; or B) build adequate facilities to care for them? If the answer is B, are you willing to accept a tax hike to fund these facilities? I have a feeling I know the answer to the last question...

Edgar LeonEdgar Leon: The moment that you hear "We're from the Government and we're here to help you" is the moment you know you are truly F-cked!

Joann TerranovaJoann Terranova: This is what happens when you allow politicians to decide the fate of humanity - a catastrophic equation that puts this population at risk.

El WarnerEl Warner: From Cuomo days at HUD I alway felt and still do that he is an awful Administrator. Howevere, some newspapers think he is fit for higher office just because he signed they gay rights bill making same sex marriage legal.

Lee FaganLee Fagan: Not conducive? What line of crap is that logic from?

Connie Johnson WatermanConnie Johnson Waterman: This article is very sad for many people who have a family member at a home like this. NY politicians are going to FORCE "rich" people to fund Pre-K which may also be called daycare. Parents are getting public ed paid for by tax dollars for children who could/should be cared for & taught at home. But No, many people are too used to free stuff. I do know that group homes for mentally challenged people may also be tax funded but how do you decided WHICH is more important? I guess the answer is that WE should all take care of our own. Why do tax payers get stuck w/all the bills, no REAL jobs to fund programs/housing? Tax payers are being forced to pay for EVERYONE's EVERYTHING. When will it end? IS there an answer anyway? When the $$ runs out I suppose.

Antoinette Antonella FiorentinoAntoinette Antonella Fiorentino: Connie....the families cannot care for their own that is why they embrace adult homes. Geeze people pls don't make comments when you don't know what you're talking about. Adult homes are not as you see not believe the advocates. They just wanna keep their funding, they know nothing about this population.

Connie Johnson WatermanConnie Johnson Waterman: Excuse me Antoinette Antonell Nella Fiorentino: WHHEW!!! but maybe I DO know what I am talking about; YOU don't know me or anything about my family. Of course they want to keep their funding as does everyone else. Tax payers may soon have no money to give then what?

Antoinette Antonella FiorentinoAntoinette Antonella Fiorentino: Connie Johnson Waterman if you knew what you were talking about you wouldn't be making an ass of yourself. Taxpayers money ? yeah this change would cost us more.

Antoinette Antonella FiorentinoAntoinette Antonella Fiorentino: Ignorance is bliss ! All those with those negative comments have no idea what you're talking about. Adult homes are God's gift to the mentally ill. Do not make comments based on what you read, make them only if you've walked in those shoes. I challenge any of you negative talkers to take a mentally ill resident home with you for a will change your mind and won't last 24 hours. They are as free as you and me, all needs met and have more rights than the average citizen. They are not warehoused. They could never live on their own nor do they want to. Come on take the challenge and then come back and post. If this ever happens the blood is on the advocates and Cuomo who know not what they say.

A.j. HayesA.j. Hayes: I agree with you 200 % its not easy but i love my job... illness or not they are still people that need love and attention..

Halina GorniakHalina Gorniak: They get love and attention in Adult homes. We are their family and we care for them and they care for us. We take their abuse because we have to. But if they are out in society alone, no one to protect them then that's a lonely unsafe life. I think the words Adult Homes gives the wrong impression to those who don't have a clue what adult homes are. They are just like an apartment building, but also have the services available to keep the residents functioning and happy.

Jerome LevenbergJerome Levenberg: Another experiment by fuzzy headed liberal and kickback motivated public officials all benefiting real estate interests, builders and contractors, gone bad,

Patricia ShashPatricia Shash: I worked in an adult home for over 10 years as a building manager. I can't believe the negative comments against Adult Homes that I read here. you surely have no idea what you are talking about. Adult Homes should be praised for all they do for the mentally ill and for all New Yorkers. Because of Adult Homes you and your children are safer. Want them to live alone and unsupervised..NO WAY! Who will feed them when they spend their ss check in one day? who will cloth them? Who will make sure they don't end up on the Hoarders show? Who will give them a coat when winter comes? Who will comfort them when they are down? Who will show them love and compassion when they need it? Who who will make sure they take their meds so they don't decompensate and their paranoid delusions tell them that the little girl next door is the devil and must die? Who? NO ONE! They spit, urinate aywhere, beg for cigarettes, abuse others, they will do anything for a cigarette. Governer Cuomo seems to want these people dead...that is what will happen. I hope when our Government sees what they've done that Adult Homes will say F off when they want Adult Homes back.

Kim SinnamondKim Sinnamond: patty.....your are the BEST!!!!! i miss you and love you..we can never fix the are agreat person and have always been.... I LOVE YOU and forever!!!

Carlene GuerrieriCarlene Guerrieri: Totally agree with you.

Jeff KoonsJeff Koons: There are many levels of mentally ill and Cuomo is trying to second-guess doctors and come up with his own version and diagnosis. Any person unable to partake in their own care is to a degree mentally ill. I guess he sees them as full functioning and just freeloading on a system that is overburdened and under-funded. Cuomo and his staff need to spend a few days seeing what really goes on. Since these people are unable to care for themselves, cannot be left unattended in a society and have health issues, just how in the heck are they going to be reclassified? As politicians? During periods of lucidity, many are relatively cooperative in their own care. Sticking them in an institution is not in their best interest. They have something that most politicians don't have and that is dignity and a right to be treated with respect. Adult homes do that to their best ability within the limits of their resources. Knowing that there are many that shouldn't house a rat, doesn't change those rights. Having spent many hours in them visiting the patients, I am amazed at the level of intelligence that many have and how they are just shuffled around like excess baggage. Illegal immigrants and prisoners have more rights than these people do and yet they are far more deserving. Illegals made choices as did prisoners and yet these people did not choose this life. We should make it mandatory that all politicians have to spend a year serving these people before they are allowed to run for office.

Halina GorniakHalina Gorniak: Advocates? Answer me 1 question pls. Who will be there for them when they are in need? You? The Government? NOBODY is the answer and this answer is sad. Adult Homes are their family, care for them, provide all they need to be safe and healthy. Take a look at those who leave the adult homes, they end up coming back. If adult homes are forced to close where will these poor souls end up? On the streets of new york , in shelters, dead?

John JustiveJohn Justive: The courts and the state must figure that there are enough cardboard boxes and subway stations for these people to live in.

Nick MrluckyNick Mrlucky: More Obama supporters on the loose!

Maria KilterMaria Kilter: this is all so rediculous I can't believe it's even on the table for debate. are you kidding me, this population alone in society without 24/7 supervision will die, hurt others and create havoc whereevr they go. They are insane, get it insane and cannot function on their own. they are selfish, spoiled, unrealistic, dirty hoarders, they spit, pee, shit wherever they want. wait....isn't this what happened in germany? Where are we heading Cuomo?

Beatrice TriaBeatrice Tria: maybe the gov. of n.y.s. should ask thoes of us that work in these homes what the residents need day to day 'just the need for human contact and not being " housed in little boxes , to me it another way the politions see to save money.

Beatrice TriaBeatrice Tria: by little boxes i mean apartments all by themselves

Beatrice TriaBeatrice Tria: this has happened before , this is a disaster and the politions will " O"MY and we will spends millions to fix the mistake.

Beatrice TriaBeatrice Tria: you can not put the mentally disabled on their own.

Peter BloomquistPeter Bloomquist: Bloomberg will take them to his house, won't he?

Roseann GrahamRoseann Graham: New York State's leadership is callous and insensitive. Wish someone would throw Cuomo and the rest of the hack politicians out of this state.